I’m always looking for an open door to fame and fortune. Call me an entrepreneur or a multpreneur or a fool, but my mind is always rolling the direction of a cheap product that can produce a rich bank account. Like silly bandz. Or, The Prayer of Jabez.

After watching the awesomely poor half-time show last night, my fire for a successful failure was fueled again. So I’m going to speak out my personal and collaborative efforts at fortune with the hope – no … with the certainty – that my pot of gold is awaiting.

Idea #1. The Triple “F” Blog: Recording Your Fabulously Feral Flatulent. This was a collaborative idea with Phil. The thought is to have a place where nasty men, boys and extra nasty women can post their recorded farts.

Idea #2. The Obama Bible, or it could also be called, “The Barack Bible.” This wasn’t my idea, it was the very liberal Dwayne Waltons. But, being the good conservative that I am … I do anything to make $$$. This idea builds on the undercurrent in some communities that Obama is the Second Coming, so why not just come out with a Bible filled with Barack’s inspirational quotes?

Idea #3. Unmatchable.com This is a place where people who don’t have a social category can find one. This was Phil’s idea. He also thought that if people post on The Triple “F” blog, they could get a free six month trial on Unmatchable.

Idea #4. I realize that the above genius ideas are all male oriented, so I thought I’d give one of my ideas for the more feminine demographic: The Chef Fail. Have women post photos or video of their heartwarming dinner dishes gone bad. This one might really work. No, it WILL work!

How bout you? Feeling inspired? Got a good book idea? Invention? Or Blog? Please share … I promise I won’t steal it!

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