I think each of the questions below could be applied to each of the developmental stages of childhood, but I’m not messing around with childhood psychology.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t remember my childhood in developmental stages … I just remember “CHILDHOOD.”

After reading the question below of “What was your favorite childhood toy?”, you might say, “Well during my toddler stage when I was unconsciously focusing on my motor skills, I loved sucking on Barney’s head, but then in elementary school my favorite toy was Optimus Prime.”

These questions below are NOT questions to be over analyzed with distinctions that give you multiple answers.  I’m looking for you to make those tough decisions.  You have to pick ONE answer that defines your childhood.

The rules are, as always, you don’t have to answer all the questions, but AT LEAST answer one.  Oh, yes and thanks to my friend and brother-in-law, Cameron Hess, you can now answer the questions with your facebook profile!

  1. Aside from Christmas, what was your favorite childhood holiday?
  2. What was your favorite cartoon?
  3. What did you fear?
  4. Did you have a favorite toy?
  5. Was that favorite toy yours, or somebody else’s?
  6. What was your favorite game?
  7. Is your adult personality different from your childhood personality?
  8. Did you have a favorite music group?
  9. What did you think you’d be as an adult?
  10. Did you pursue those childhood dreams?

Here’s my answers: 1.) Easter, cause I loved the egg hunts. 2.) Transformers, hands down.  3.) Monsters … and if you ever saw my childhood home, you’d believe they lived there too!  4.)  Yes … it was the 3 foot transformer and 5.) I didn’t own it, but Robert Gill did.  Still jealous.  6.)  Baseball.  Didn’t have a game system as a child.  7.)  The same immature, annoying personality … it’s just been scolded enough that it rarely shows.  8.)  DC Talk, baby!  9.)  A missionary.  10.)  Yes … still pursuing those dreams as they’ve matured.

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