The late Ryan Dunn head hugging on Bam Margera

There’s a big difference between weeping and crying.  Crying is having a couple tears streaming down your face.  Weeping is when you get snotty nose, your body starts convulsing, you often burst small veins and arteries in and around your eyes and after you’re done with the process, you need sleep.

I’ve rarely seen very religious people weep.  They’re so used to putting on a front and/or trying to accept the belief that “it all happened for a reason”, that when it comes to grief and loss they have a hard time realizing it and can only eek out a couple tears.

Jesus wept.  Proof, that he was truly human … not a religious cyborg.

For those of us from very religious backgrounds, it’s rare that we see people weep over death, dying and loss.

On Monday, one of the crew from Jackass died while driving his Porsche at about 100 mph on Rt. 322 … which is only about 25 miles from my home.  One of his buddies, Brandon “Bam” Magera, was caught weeping on camera.  I’m tenative to recommend a clip like this because it’s my opinion that capturing grief is borderline exploitation as grief is one of the most sacred acts of love … an act so sacred it shouldn’t be used. But, if you want to watch the clip, here’s the link.

There’s a couple short pieces of footage in this clip that depict Bam weeping … not crying … weeping.  There’s the snotty nose, the convulsing body, the haggard posture ….

Writes Karen Araiza of NBC Philadelphia:

Bam Margera cried so hard his body shook Tuesday night when he went to see where best friend and Jackass co-star Ryan Dunn died in a fiery crash.

Margera rocked back in forth in agony at the guardrail that Dunn pierced with his Porsche Monday morning ….

Have you ever wept? Have you ever consoled somebody who was weeping? Do you know what I mean by it being “sacred”?

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