I’m having some trouble coming up with anything to say about this.

But, I know there has to be somebody … anybody … who can caption this with words that I want to say … but I’m just too dumbfounded to verbalize.

If you’re like me … and nothing’s coming … at least try to explain this to me so that I can sleep tonight.

Like, do you think they’re listening to music inside that SUV?  And if so, what kind?

And, this is in America, right? I see the “Seminole” logo for Florida State University … and what appears to be a Florida license plate.  Maybe it’s a couple Floridians smuggling defecting Cubans stuffed like cigars in the dead box?

But, why the whole, “Honk for Grandma!” stuff?  Is this a joke?

Are these guys hauling drugs inside the casket?  Or maybe this is how the terrorist brain-trust transports nuclear bombs?

I’ve heard of people transporting bodies in the back of this truck, but on top of an SUV?  On a highway nonetheless?  Wouldn’t you try to avoid the highway so as to avert any sudden braking at high speeds and the potential of tossing grandma a couple hundred feet down the road?

And even though it says “FAIL” in the upper left hand corner (I stole the photo from failblog.org), could this possible be a “WIN”?

(As a preemptive answer to any legal questions, like, “Can you really strap a body filled casket on the roof?” … I’m pretty sure it’s legal, but I’m not totally sure and I also know that laws change from state to state … so I’m certain you can do it in Pennsylvania, but don’t really know about other states … legal or not … this is flipping weird.)

epic fail photos - Hearse FAIL

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