Four of my friends have recently released books.  I want to celebrate their accomplishments by featuring a short bit here.  I’ve featured them in the order of their publicationstarting off last week with Alise Wright’s “Not Alone” and Bryan Allain’s “31 Day’s to Finding Your Blogging Mojo”.

This week I’m pleased to recommend two other authors who I avidly follow.


Janet Oberholtzer has been one of the coolest people I’ve connected with via my blog; not to mention she’s been one of the most generous advocates of my blog.

Many who visit CFD do so because you’ve experienced tragedy in your life, and — to one degree or another — can relate with the topics here.  Yet, although I witness tragedy as a matter of occupation, I’ve never experienced it personally.

Janet has.

And this book, “Because I Can” chronicles her journey from tragedy to learning to live with the scars.

Here’s the summary of Janet’s book:

In seconds, a family vacation became a nightmare when a horrific auto accident decimated marathon runner Janet Oberholtzer’s legs and shattered her pelvis. It seemed unlikely she’d even survive, let alone put back any of the pieces of her life. Her determination carried her through the difficult physical recovery, but was no match for the depressing emotional and spiritual trauma that followed and proved almost fatal as Janet struggled to come to grips with her new normal. Today this heroic woman is leading a full life and back to running half-marathons. Because I Can is a story that will give you hope … whether you have physical limitations or if your world feels hopeless due to difficult circumstances or unwanted changes.

If you’re coming to grips with your new normal, and you need some inspiration along the way, this book is for you.


Tor Constantino, who was featured here in a guest post some weeks back, just released a book that deals with a topic I have personally wrestled with for some time.  As the world becomes smaller, and the “other” becomes neighbor, we eventually must ask, “How do we interact with other religions?”

Tor brings his 20 years of journalistic experience to his book, “A Question of Faith” as he explores six major world religions.  He writes,

Personally, I wish I had a book like this to reference when I went to college because that’s where I had a crisis of faith, and I didn’t know what to believe at the time. Everything sounded good but I lacked a basic understanding of the various religions so I was not prepared to decide for myself. I was overwhelmed… I wish I’d had a book like this back then.

“There are only a few ‘universals’ that apply to humanity – and religion is one of them. By that I mean, every known human culture and society has some form of religious practice or ritual-based belief system. The reality of religion is that it has touched virtually every aspect of our lives and humanity’s history. It’s because of religion’s impact that I’m writing this simple book about a simple question of faith…”

If you’re in the same boat as most people in America being both confronted by other religions and yet ignorant of them at the same time, this book would be an excellent guide in your exploration.  You can buy it here.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that on the day of it’s release, it was the #1 Best Seller in it’s category at Amazon!  It’s that good.

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