On Sunday night I had the privileged to be featured on the mid-west radio show, “Second Half Christians.”  The hosts are a husband and wife team who were missionaries in Africa for a couple decades.

Greg has a masters degree in Missiology (I have a grad degree in missional theology) and, before he and his wife went to Africa (I was a missionary to Africa with YWAM for a short period), he was a licensed funeral director for a decade (like me) and he’s a Pentecostal (I loosely define myself as one as well); in addition to all those similarities, he too has ten digits on his hand and ten toes.

It’s like we’re twins separated by 40 years.

This was the first radio interview I had ever done and, to be honest, I was slightly nervous.  I was nervous because I talk funny.  I tend to stammer.  And while I try to best not to mix my words, it just happens.

But, all in all, I think I did okay … except for the one small exchange where I was trying to tell Greg and Margaret how I’d love to be in a full-time position as a missionary and I accidently said, “I’d love to be in the missionary position full-time.”

That was joke.  That didn’t happen … that I know of.

Anyway, here’s the interview in it’s entirety.

(If the embedded player below doesn’t work, here’s the link to the page

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