Death’s always active.  And if he’s not killing people, he’s inspiring the living to think about Him.

Here’s the round-up of deadly activity I’ve found this past week:

1.  I found this little diddy floating around Facebook:   It’s funny because I’ve used that rational once or twice.  I’ll stalk someone’s Facebook profile to get a handle on how many people we should expect for a funeral.  Turns out that there’s very little correlation between Facebook friends and real life friends. So, if you’re “that guy” who feels great about your 1,500 friends, don’t expect it to translate to awesome funeral numbers.

2.  Nicki and I took a much needed vaca last weekend (I get two days off a month).  Aside from having Mars Hill Seattle call me about a post of mine on Mark Driscoll (more on that tomorrow), we had some time to watch TV and stumbled upon Discovery Channel’s “Oddities”, which is a reality show that documents a store in New York City with the same name.

There’s a reoccurring Oddities customer named Laura Flook.

Laura Flook is a mortician, a model, a clothing designer, a DJ and now a friend of mine on Facebook (although I guess that doesn’t translate to a REAL friendship).

Without farther ado, here she is purchasing an old body viewing table from the “Oddities” owners:

3.  There’s a story on MSNBC about how a rescued dog and a terminally ill four year old have formed an incredible bond.  It’s one of the more moving stories I’ve read in a long while.  Here’s the link.

4.  Speaking of moving stories, this video on CNN recounts a story I’ve seen played out on a couple occasions.  It tells of a couple who die within hours of each other.  As a funeral director for 10 years, I’ve seen this happen three times.  I don’t think it’s coincidence.  In fact, as bereavement research continues to advance, there’s significant evidence that couples can literally die of broken hearts.

Here is one such story, that also contains a nurse named Chastity who has a googly eye.

I don’t know about you, but that’s the way I’d like to die.

5.  Finally, a man purchased the hearse used for JFK’s funeral for $176,000.  Weird.

If you happen upon any interesting links to death’s activities and inspirations, hit me up and if it’s deadly cool I’ll post your death link and a link to your blog.

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