Today I have the privilege of being the guest at one of my favorite blogs: Matt Appling’s “The Church of No People.”  Matt provides a witty, incredibly well written Christian perspective that flows out of his very evident spiritual maturity.  Highly recommended blog.  Highly recommended perspective.

Head on over to read Matt’s great questions and my dark answers; and if you leave a question, I’ll be sure to answer!


IF YOU’RE NEW TO MY BLOG, as you may have surmised, I’m a funeral director.  But, I’m not the morbid, Adam’s family type, sulking drone you may have seen represented in pop culture.  Nor is my life uber dramatic and story filled like Michael Hall’s character in Six Feet Under.  I’m a somewhat normal person who happens to work with the dead for the living.

And as a cathartic out, I like to blog about those experiences and the thoughts that those experiences have incubated.

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