Today I’m the guest poster over at Leanne Penny’s blog.  I wrote a didactic narrative entitled, “How to Speak the Language of Grief.”

Here’s the first two paragraphs of the post:

You walk into a house full of fresh grief.  It’s fresh because the death just occurred.  Your best friend’s husband went out to the bar last night, drowned his hard day in hard drink and he never made it back home.  Fresh.  Because both you and your friend have never experienced death this close.

You open the door like you have so many times before, but this time the familiarity of the house is unexpected different, dark and lonely.  What once housed parties, life and love now houses something you’ve never known before.  Like a river, everything is in the same place it was when you last saw it, but this home has changed.

Head on over to Leanne’s blog to read the rest of the story and to find out how to speak the language of grief.


And if you’re new to my blog, let me introduce myself.

As you may have surmised, I’m a funeral director.  But, I’m not the morbid, Adam’s family type, sulking drone you may have seen represented in pop culture.  Nor is my life uber dramatic and story filled like Michael Hall’s character in Six Feet Under.  I’m a somewhat normal person who happens to work with the dead for the living.

And as a cathartic out, I like to blog about those experiences and the thoughts that those experiences have incubated.

In addition to being a funeral director, I also have a grad degree in Missional Theology from Biblical Seminary.  And while I hope to continue my education in the direction of a Ph.D., right now I’m working on a book, which I hope to have out in print in about a year.

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