1.  A very interesting corpse was recently discovered.  This 10,000 year old corpse of a Mammoth is the most intact specimen found to date.  It was probably 2 to 3 years old when it died.

Personally, I’d like to see them resurrect these things.  Who knows … maybe they taste better than beef?!?

2.  The state of Maine has it’s first alkaline hydrolysis cremation machine.  Alkaline hydrolysis is the most green option for disposing of deceased remains; it uses hot water and lye to liquefy the deceased, sending the human remains down the drain.

Would you like to be liquefied?  Remember, when in Maine don’t drink the tap water.

3.  Although Thomas Kinkade’s last couple years have been less than unscathed, it’s sad to see anyone die at only 54 years of age.

4.  Yes, there’s a bacon casket.  Yes, there’s now a video about the bacon casket.

Question.  If a person loves bacon enough to buy a bacon casket, don’t you think the makers of the bacon casket should be making LARGER caskets?

5.  Abe Lincoln’s corpse put modern day embalming in the consciousness of the nation.  Before Lincoln, embalming had it’s foray in the Civil War, where the wealthier parents of deceased military men had their sons embalmed in the soldier’s camp and shipped home.  But when Lincoln was assassinated and his body traveled 1600 miles and stopped in over 400 plus cities, embalming became a want of all classes.  Here’s the story that details the travels of Lincoln’s body.

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