This is not a post that you “like”.  It’s a post that unsettles your lunch hour.  After all, this post contains photos of a 141 year old body that’s been dead over 88 years.

Here’s the context.

Vladimir Lenin — the head Comrade of the 1917 Russian Marxist Revolution — died on January 21, 1924.  In that same year — after a supposed outcry from the Soviet people to preserve Lenin’s body for future generations — he was embalmed and placed in a Mausoleum where approximately 15 million people have visited and viewed his body.

Today, Lenin’s mummy is still open to the public every day from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm, except holidays, Mondays and Fridays. Visitors still wait in lines to see Lenin’s body.  Entrance to the Mausoleum is free of charge.

Apparently, the main preservation problem that Lenin’s body faces is that it develops dark black spots on the skin.  In order to help said dark spots, they bath the body with different preservative agents.

Here are some pictures of the bathing process:

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