Caitlin Doughty is bringing death back to life one creative video de-composition at a time.

She’s a stud.  And I mean that semi-literally.  Caitlin has been inseminating her viewers with her death seed at a prolific rate over the interwaves.

Her prolific insemination has been supported by her harem, Order of the Good Death, which exists for this purpose:

The Order is about making death a part of your life. That means committing to staring down your death fears- whether it be your own death, the death of those you love, the pain of dying, the afterlife (or lack thereof), grief, corpses, bodily decomposition, or all of the above. Accepting that death itself is natural, but the death anxiety and terror of modern culture are not.

In this her very first episode (a video that’s had over 77,000 views), Caitlin creatively answers this: “How Long Does Rigor Mortis Last?”

So strap on your trocar, turn your macabre sensitivity way down and your volume up:

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