They’ve picketed Michael Jackson’s funeral, called Obama the “anti-Christ”, protested many of the recent funerals for fallen American soldiers, they’ve protested the Holocaust Museum because it “memorializes the godless Jews”, and they’re regulars at homosexual’s funerals.  I almost forgot to mention that they believed 9/11 was part of God’s judgment on America and they protested the funerals of those who parished in 9/11.

Unless you’re a regular to the Westboro Baptist websites, which include,,,,,, and, my personal favorite,, you might not have noticed that their websites are down.

So, if you want to be brought up to speed, you can watch the actual live, on air video where the “hacktivist” group Anonymous are talking with Westboro Baptist Pastor Fred Phelp’s wife.  It’s kind of funny and kind of depressing.  And, it’s kind of long, but kind of worth the 10 minute investment ….  Or, if you want to skip the video, you can look at Westboro Baptist’s response letter to Anonymous, which I posted below the video.

I love me some bold print!

Anybody have a clear enough mind to offer some insightful thoughts on Westboro Baptist, Anonymous and this whole situation?