Have you ever had a horrible dream or premonition that you were going to die?

If you were able to answer that question, thankfully the premonition has yet to come true.

99.99% of the time those premonitions don’t come true, unless you’re Mikey Welsh.

Mikey Welsh was the former bassist for Weezer (of “The Sweater Song” fame) and he tweeted the following on September 26:

On October 8th he died in his sleep … at Chicago … from an overdose … that supposedly threw his heart into cardiac arrest.

Scary, huh?

Or is it.

Would you, if you could, like to know your death date?

I have a buddy and his grandfather supposedly has such premonitions.  He’s predicted five deaths within his family; and although he didn’t know who was going to die, he did know THAT someone was going to die.  Now, apparently, he let’s everyone know when the premonitions come to him … gives everyone a nice, scary, keep you on the edge of your seat, you might be next, forewarning.

I’ve often thought that if euthanasia becomes uber popular and easily accessible with no terminal rational that we could fix our death dates and instead of funerals we could have massive going away (permanently) parties.

Did Mikey Predict his own death?

Or did he just take his death into his own hands?  I don’t know … we’ll let the medical examiner make that determination.

But, and here’s the $1000 question: If you could control when you die (within reason), would you?

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