Norma Brewer, 80, had been wheelchair bound for over a year, so you can imagine her family’s surprise when they read a prewritten obituary that she submitted to the funeral home before her death:

Norma Rae Flicker Brewer, a resident of Fairfield, passed away while climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. She never realized her life goal of reaching the summit, but made it to the base camp. Her daughter, Donna, her dog, Mia, and her cats, came along at the last minute. There is suspicion that Mrs. Brewer died from hypothermia, after Mia ate Mrs. Brewer’s warm winter boots and socks.   Via Lesko and Polke Funeral Home

Damn dogs.  Always eating socks and causing hypothermia.

Norma’s daughter said, in response to the surprise obituary prank,  “It was just typical mom,” she said. “She always had stories, many of which were not true, but thought were funny.

All joking aside, this was a serious act of grace by Norma.  To inspire laughter in your death, to lighten dark times and to give your loved ones something that is both a surprise and quintessentially you is really great way to go out.

Some people will have posthumous gifts delivered to their loved ones.  Others have left posthumous letters and videos.  All of these idea are magic … they leave a bit of yourself even after you’re gone.

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