We love it when a family brings the family dog to attend the funeral.  It might seem weird, but when the dog is there, they’re usually able to sense the mood of the gathering and mirror the mood.

It’s as though dogs mourn.  And I’d like to believe that there exists a language of love and grief that can extend to creatures that aren’t human.

This story is Yucatan, Mexico.  Margarita Suarez was known as an animal lover who would feed the stray dogs and cats every morning outside her home (when I was in Mexico, it seemed there were stray dogs everywhere and most of them were treated like rodents).

Suarez was even known to take a bag of dog food everywhere she went, so she could feed the strays as she went about her day.

Although the Google Translate from the website Misiones Online is rather rough, it seems the dogs arrived to the front door of the funeral home.  The Suarez family asked if the dogs were local to the funeral home, and the funeral workers said “no.”  The family asked the funeral home to let them in and the dogs … well, the pictures below show what happened next.

Apparently, the dogs stayed for the funeral service and even followed the hearse from the funeral home to the crematory.






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