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Authors and their books are similar to Tinkerbell. We can’t just survive on our own power. We’ve got to have people who believe in us in order to survive. Without that belief, without people buying our words, we enter the dark hole of oblivion.

I’m about a month away from the official release of my book, and I need advocates to join my Launch Team who will help me believe my words into existence. Here’s how the Launch Team works. If you sign up for my Launch Team, you’ll get:

1. Inclusion in an exclusive and secret Facebook group where I’ll be doing regular Q&As about the book (the Facebook group link will be sent to you when you sign up for the launch team). I WILL ANSWER ALL THE QUESTIONS!

2. You’ll receive early access to my entire book. We can talk about what you liked, loved and didn’t like about my book in the Facebook group.

3. A free fanny pack with my face on it.

4. The satisfaction of believing me and my book into existence.


1.) If you join the Launch Team and haven’t pre-ordered the book, please do (because pre-orders ignite excitement in the publishing world).

2.) Once I give you access to the advanced reader, read the book.

3. Leave a review on Amazon on the release date of September 26, 2017.

4. If you like the book, share the love on Instagram, Facebook or wherever else you find yourself on social media.

So, that’s the deal. It’s not a huge commitment, I’m just asking for your soul! Bwahahahah. No, seriously. I do need your help and would appreciate any help you can give me.

UPDATE: The launch team is full. Thanks for your interest! 





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