Five Things that Might Surprise You about My Book

It’s deeper than you might expect.

One of the things that I’ve feared in the release of my book is that “book writing Caleb” wouldn’t be as accepted as “blog writing Caleb.”  Many of you have come to this blog over the years for a dose of light-heartedness, funeral industry talk and — every now and again — some deeper, more thoughtful posts.  While I retained those facets in writing a book, this book highlights some of my deeper thoughts set to my story in death care.

Bloggers aren’t always the deepest of folk.  Bloggers write about cats, and food, and gaming, and if a manual breast pump is better than an electric breast pump for the working mother.  While all those things are important (what’s more important than cats?), I’ve always gravitated to gravitas.

The margins will be used.

I’ve had a number of people tell me they’ve read it a couple times BECAUSE THEY LIKE TO TORTURE THEMSELVES WITH MY BAD WRITING.  No, actually despite my bad writing, I’m hoping that this book can become a companion to those who are journeying through death, dying and coming to terms with their mortality.

It doesn’t come with a funeral coupon.

Sorry.  Maybe my next book will?

It’s comfortable in a number of spaces.

Our dead exist in liminality, the in-between where they are dead and living.  We like binaries, the either/or of yes or no, absent or present, on or off.  But out dead can both be absent and present, they are quiet and they still speak, they are both dead and live on through us.

Any book that’s written about death shouldn’t be written with easy yes or no answers about grief, death and dying.  And I think this book is comfortable in different spaces.  Since it’s release, it’s been featured on Vice and Country Living, ETWN (a Catholic TV station) and The Cut (a progressive news organization that offers stark contrasts to Catholic beliefs).  It’s written for individuals and it has a group discussion section.

The book ends with a birth.

My wife and I can’t have kids on our own. As hard as it is to realize you can’t conceive children, infertility does allow for something: it allows you to question how much you really want children. One of the only options for people like us is adoption. And the process of adoption allowed me to pause, it allowed me to ask — really ask — if I could be a dad.

For me as a funeral director who saw too much tragedy as a young man, the process of being able to say, “Yes. I’m ready to be a dad” was only possible because I reframed death.  This book is essentially the story how I become comfortable enough with death and the tragedy in the world to believe that I could not only father a child, but that the world is good enough for children.

If you’ve followed by blog, you know Caleb-the-blogger, but I’m hoping that Caleb-the-book-writer can find a space in your life as well.

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Authors and their books are similar to Tinkerbell. We can’t just survive on our own power. We’ve got to have people who believe in us in order to survive. Without that belief, without people buying our words, we enter the dark hole of oblivion.

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Book Promo Trailer

No worries, friends, I didn’t solicit a random corpse to *play* the dead person in this video. The esteemed actress was none other than my wife, who willingly agreed to play the part because she really, really, really loves me (and I promised her infinite back rubs for the next calendar year).

With that aside, here’s the promo video for my book. It captures the heart of my words.

Love you all and thanks helping me launch this book and its message into the world.

Free Chapter of My Book Exclusively for You



Ideas have consequences, but narratives shape our world. When it comes to death, our narratives are generally woven with denial, negativity, and anything that can distract us from our mortality.

I believe death harbors sacred spaces that enable us to find our true selves and true community. This narrative that there’s good in death, this story is the story of my book. And I’m excited to share a piece of that story with you today.

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you might have seen pieces of this story over the years. While most of my book is original, this story bears repeating because it captures a narrative about death that we so desperately need.

Enjoy this sneak-peek of my book  Love you all.

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