On Distinctive Life’s website, they state, ”

Distinctive Life is uniquely designed to bring our services to you.

We know that visiting the funeral home to make final arrangements can be uncomfortable and inconvenient. At Distinctive Life, our Mobile Funeral Directors will come to meet you at your home, church, office or anywhere else you find comfortable.

Distinctive Life is focused on meeting our families’ needs wherever they are.

Via KeyeTV:

HOUSTON (KHOU)– A Houston funeral home is taking a different approach to the afterlife. There is now a “mobile mortuary” moving around the city. “I think it will definitely become a conversation starter,” said Jeff Friedman with Distinctive Life Cremations and Funerals. Jeff drives through a southwest Houston neighborhood with a new idea. It may sound different, but he says that’s by design. “A lot of families aren’t looking for the cookie cutter funeral any longer” So Jeff Freidman put his funeral business “Distincive Life” on wheels. “Families that call us will request what time they want us to come to their house.” Friedman says it’s all about convenience and a changing industry. Like so many other services in this modern age, he says it’s time to bring the funeral business to people’s doorstep.

This is really a fantastic idea.  Props to Distinctive Life.  An idea that I hope catches on to other funeral homes.

In fact, this really isn’t entirely “modern”; in some sense, it’s old fashion.  Most the of the mortuaries in the late nineteenth and twentieth century were entirely mobile.  We didn’t even own a funeral home up until the 1920.  Up until then we operated out of barn and we’d hop from home to home, church to church.

Good job, Distinctive Life!mmm_webad_300x250-01_498x415

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