Via Kait8:

Delivery truck-driver Ken McDaniel of Memphis snapped his smart phone pictures of (the funeral director loading a deceased body into the back of his pickup), while (Ken was) making a delivery at a Mid-South hospital. The pictures show (the funeral director). — by his own admission — loading a corpse into the covered bed of a 1997 Chevrolet pickup truck. Tennessee motor vehicle records indicated the truck is registered to (the funeral director) at his Tyne Street address.

“I just sat and watched him, and I just thought, ‘You know, this is not right,'” McDaniel said. “Just the sheer shock of watching him push that body in the truck like that with the tailgate down, you know, two or three times just push … I just couldn’t believe it.”

Per the news source, “Kait8”, the funeral director is being investigated for the possibility of “immoral or unprofessional conduct”.

How does this make you feel?  Do you think this counts as “immoral and unprofessional conduct”?

Part of me says, “this isn’t a very wise move” and another part of me says, “why is it okay for funeral directors to use Suburbans (a SUV based on a truck platform) but not a fully-enclosed truck bed?

For the record, I would never do this.  And I do think it’s unprofessional.  I guess I just don’t think it counts as “immoral”.  If this were an open truck bed, where the deceased would be exposed to the elements … then it’s a different story.


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