This week the paperback version of my book (the less expensive hold-it-in-your-hands version) is released into the world. The cover is redesigned with a fall color scheme, and each book comes with a complementary ghost (I can’t guarantee the temperament of said ghost).

Here’s the deal, if you buy a book you can send it to me and I’ll sign it and send it back. If you want me to personalize it, include a note with instructions as to who you’d like me to sign it for (and yes, if you want to send me multiple books for Christmas presents or Halloween trick-or-treat gifts — cause what kid wouldn’t want a book instead of candy? — I’ll gladly sign multiple books).

However — and here’s the catch — you MUST include a self-addressed and stamped envelope (one that can fit a book(s))so I can return it to you. You can send it to Caleb Wilde, P.O. Box 279, Parkesburg, PA 19365. So, order the book (link at the bottom), write down my P.O. Box, and await your paperback and complementary ghost.

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