The funeral business is one of the few businesses where payment is based almost purely on trust.  You go to the grocery store, you pay right away … there’s no IOUs.  You buy a car, you either pay up front or you get your credit run to make sure you can front the load.  You buy a house, same deal as buying a car.

But the funeral business, you can beat us pretty easily. And as I’ve mentioned before, getting beat happens too often.  People will come in, pick out a rather expensive casket, expensive vault, etc. with no intention of every paying for it.

Some funeral homes will make families pay upfront, but we’ve never been able to bring ourselves to do that.

The trust and goodhearted grace that exists around death is the reason why funerals allow for the BEST in humanity, and — for those who are selfishly advantageous with that trust — the WORST in humanity.

The worst includes some pretty and petty imaginable things, like siblings somehow writing their other siblings out of Dad’s will.  Fighting over money is typical.

The Westboro Baptist Church protesting funerals is a rather well chronicled example of the worst in people coming out around death.

But, there’s been some rather creative douches.  For instance, a couple years ago all the bronze military markers that are placed by a deceased serviceman’s grave … the one’s that hold the flags … began to disappear in our area.  Turns out some losers were stealing them from the graves and selling them to the local scrap yard for a couple bucks.

Perhaps the latest acts surrounding the death of Ryan Dunn display even greater acts of douchery.

As the photo above captures, guys are scrumming through the accident site, picking up pieces of the destroyed Porsche with the hope of being able to sell the pieces on Ebay.  Awesome display of humanity.   The only positive to actions like this is that it farther forestalls any possible alien attack on earth, as such actions probably confirm to the aliens that we’re not a comparative power threat … we’re a parasite threat.