The metanarrative that we’ve been given is that death is entirely negative. We use war metaphors to describe our personal “battles” with terminal sickness as though we believe death is an enemy that needs to be fought. With the “death as negative” story, it’s made it easier for us to abdicate our responsibilities to the dead and dying over to the “death and dying professionals”, who have been trained to care for, beautify and hide the horrors of it.

But, there’s another narrative about death … that death can be beautiful. Death can allow us to see our own mortality, realize our finitude and pursue a meaningful life. For the dying, death can be a release of a slowly deteriorating body. Times of death can allow us to hug our loved ones, allow us to cry with our family and friends and honor a life well lived. Embracing death can allow us to embrace life. And contemplating our mortality can allow us to pursue vitality.  And when we embrace death, maybe we can take back death care.

Yes, death can be bad. Yes, death can be negative. But it can also be beautiful. And that alternate narrative needs to be discussed.

Welcome to the conversation.

2014 TEDx Talk entitled “Embracing Death”


Graduate of Northampton Community College’s Funeral Service Program.

Licensed Funeral Director in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania since 2007.

Bachelors Degree in Bible from Lancaster Bible College

Masters Degree in Theology from Biblical Seminary

Certificate of Thanatology from The Association for Death Education and Counseling

Currently a post grad student at The University of Winchester, completing the “Death, Religion and Culture” program.


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Annual Editions: Death, Dying and Bereavement 14th Ed., 10 Burdens and Coping Mechanisms of Funeral Directors

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