The Story of My Death

Story of My Death Episode 13 – The story of Kat’s suicide attempt

Fair warning, there are curse words in this episode. And the content of this episode is not suitable for Daniel Tiger, Teletubbies or children. This is the story of a suicide attempt. If this content triggers you, I kindly ask you to wait for the next episode.

I will say that while this episode is heavy, it’s also redemptive; and while the story is heavy, it’s also deeply human.

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Alua is an end of life planner and death doula

“Part of the reason (we don’t like talking about death) is that death brings every part of who we are as humans into very sharp focus. And something like that can be overwhelming to consider.   When I’m thinking about my death, I’m thinking about my identity. I’m thinking about what I’ve accomplished. I’m thinking about who I’ve loved. I’m thinking about sex. I’m thinking about what I eat. I think about my body. I’m thinking about my work. I’m thinking about all parts of me because me as I know it will cease to exist at that point.”  — Alua Arthur

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Although Alua is based in Los Angeles, her death doula and end of life services are available to anyone, no matter their location.

Enjoy the conversation:

Christy is a Medium: Episode 11 of The Story of My Death Podcast


“The night (my grandmother) died, her spirit came to me and she told me she was leaving …. That was the first time I had interacted with or seen a ghost of a person.” — Christy

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Episode 10 of The Story of My Death Podcast: John Quinn on living with Stage 4 heart failure

For episode 10 of The Story of My Death – A Podcast, I interviewed DEATHub famous, John Quinn III about how he deals with life while in terminal heart failure.

This is one of my favorite quotes from the interview: “I admit I have days I don’t want to live anymore because of my pain levels. But I have a husband to live for. I’m afraid to leave him because I care about him. So, my fight is especially for him, you know.”

Thanks for sharing your heart, John!

The Story of My Death Podcast is Back

Hey, guys.  A couple years ago Shawn Smucker, Bryan Allain and I started a podcast called, “The Story of My Death”.  We ran it for two seasons and then life took over and season three never materialized.

Shawn and Bryan were kind enough to let me run Season 3 on my own.

In this episode, guest KJ and I talk about her experience living with terminal cancer.

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