I was at a funeral the other day and the pastor boldly stated,

“God knew the exact day ‘Bob’ was going to die.  He knew we’d be sitting here today, mourning ‘Bob’s death.  Not only did God know when ‘Bob’ was going to die, but he knows the exact day … the exact hour … and the exact second that you’re going to meet him face to face.”


That’s a pretty bold statement.

I remember when I was young, I would often think to myself, “If God knows when I’m going to die, I wonder if he could tell me?”

He hasn’t told me yet …  and I’m rather glad he hasn’t told me if he does indeed know.

I mean, can you imagine?

Can you imagine knowing the day, hour and second you’re doing to die?  It might be depressing.  Or it could cause us to live life up to the fullest.  It could cause us to be the person we’ve always wanted to be, but could never find the motivation.

I think I’d put a countdown clock on my wall, that would display the amount of years, months, days and hours until my “Death Date”.  Or maybe I wouldn’t want the clock … that might be rather unnerving.

It would certainly cause me to take out an insurance policy. If I knew I was going to die early, I could take out a huge insurance policy and let my wife live like Angelina Jolie after I die … she could adopt a whole country load of kids and buy that stretch limo HUMMER that she’s always wanted!

Or maybe I’d do everything in my power to beat death.  Maybe on that specific day, I’d lock myself up in an atomic bomb shelter.  Or maybe, I’d just check myself into a hospital the day before I’m supposed to bite the dust.

If you were sure God told you your death date, would you tell anybody else? I think I’d keep it quiet.  For one, nobody would believe that God spoke directly to you … and they’d have an even harder time believing that he told you your date of demise.

Who knows what I’d do?


So, what do you think?  Does God know your death date? Below is a little survey you can take.

It’s all anonymous, so even though many people might consider the last two or three options as heretical, if indeed you choose one of those “heretical options”, you’ll still be an anonymous heretic.

And, if you’ve thought about stuff like this before (God’s foreknowledge, etc.) and want to talk about it, I’ll be happy to engage ….

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