Here’s our adoption journey video.  You may recognize some of the clips from prior videos I’ve posted, but the majority of the footage is fresh footage, including the adoption ceremony itself.

I have a favor to ask you.

Even if you don’t know us personally, please advocate for both the adoption community and our personal adoption journey by sharing this video through facebook, twitter or your own website!

Adoption is such a beautiful experience and we’d love for you to be apart of the adoption community and of our own personal adoption experience by sharing this video with your family and friends.

Thank you!

If you’re interested in offsetting our $21,000 adoption expense, here’s a farther description of the fundraiser we’ll be doing through The Both Hands Project.

Caleb and Nicole Wilde have answered God’s call and stepped out in faith to adopt an infant boy from the US. The Wilde Family and a team of volunteers will be working on a widow’s home to help raise funds to cover the high cost of adopting their sweet boy. The Wildes were able to be at the hospital when their precious son, Jeremiah Michael, was born on March 16, 2012.

Jane is a kind and hardworking woman. Since the loss of her husband 14 months ago, it has become more difficult for her to keep up with the necessary improvements to her home. Jane said, “I am now on my own. My two sons live out of state so I rely on extended family and friends, who are busy with their own lives, to help out with the projects around my house that Rudy has planned to do after he retired.”

Each volunteer is raising sponsorship for their day of work. Since most of the supplies for the repairs on Jane’s home are being donated, 100% of the money raised will help cover the high cost of adopting this precious boy, Jeremiah, into his forever family – the Wilde Family. So on June 9, the Wildes and a team of volunteers are going to serve Jane by completing improvement and repair projects at her home.

If you are interested in helping us out financially in the adoption of Jeremiah, here’s the link to the organization that’s handling our fundraiser and finances.  The link also provides a secure way to donate.

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