Answer these questions with a “yes” or “no”.  If you answer all “yes”, you are 100% funeral taboo … in other words, you’re willing to try funeralization practices that aren’t generally accepted by society.

With each “no” your taboo goes down 10%.

(NOTE: these questions assume a disposition of burial)

1.  Do you want to be buried/cremated in something other than dress clothes?

2.  Does a house funeral appeal to you?

3.  Would you like your pet to attend your funeral?

4.  Are you more likely to spend money on a funeral meal than funeral merchandise?

5.  Is burial in a traditional cemetery unappealing to you?

6.  Would you rather have your funeral ceremony be more extemporaneous than structured … less preacher centered and more sharing centered?

7.  Does having a photographer and/or videographer at a funeral appeal to you?

8.  Do you want to incorporate aspects of a green funeral into your funeral?

9.  Are you familiar with words like “Ecoffin” and “Ecopod“?

10.  Have you considered that “DIY” can apply to funerals?

So, how taboo are you?

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