Yesterday, October 18th, our adoption of Jeremiah Michael Wilde was legally finalized … seven months and two days after his birth.  This — our adoption story — has taken years of heartache as we embraced infertility, prayer and stress.

In fact, the stress was apart of our adoption story up to the VERY end.

Due to a large “Apostles Conference” that was taking place next door to the Court House, we were hard pressed to find a parking spot.  It took us about 25 minutes to find a spot and we literally run three blocks to the Court House to make our 10 AM appointment.  And as we ran, we were witnessed to like two or three times by “apostles.”

So, yesterday I was converted about two or three times and I got to adopt my son!  Awesome day.

We were allowed to invite our families to the court room.  They sat in the back while Nicki and I were each separately called to take the stand.

We placed our left hand on the Bible and raised our right, solemnly swearing to tell the truth.  The judge asked both Nicki and I, “Will you care for Jeremiah as your own?”  Yes.  We had said “yes” in our hearts since the day we found out about him.

Fifteen minutes later it was over.

Jeremiah is our son.

We’ve been waiting for him for years.

The wait is over.

We took some pictures at the courthouse with our family.  We took some pictures at a park on the way home.  We had the fams over again for dinner and we took some more pictures.  We celebrated the goodness.  We celebrated the sacrifice of a young girl, whose gift continues to give us joy.  We celebrated the life that will now be lived in our family.

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