Hey, John … I’m at a funeral right now, do you mind if I call you back?

No matter how many times we ask people to silence their cell phones at a funeral service, there will always be ONE person who didn’t get the memo! The worst is when somebody not only let’s their phone ring, but THEN DECIDES TO ANSWER IT!!! No lie, I’d say one in every five cell phones that ring during a funeral service are answered! So rude!

In fact, a fellow funeral director said this at my Confessions of a Funeral Director Facebook page:

Possibly my favorite blog is FAILBLOG.ORG.

This past week they posted a funeral fail.  Apparently, during the funeral service, a cell phone went off and the ringtone was the song “Staying Alive.” Awkward.

So, I was thinking there’s probably some other funny ringtones that could occurring during a funeral:

Here’s some of my more general thoughts:

1.  Having the Gospel song, “I’ll Fly Away” would be weird to have as ringtone, but it’d be even weirder if you had it and it went off during a funeral.

2. Right Said Fred’s “I’m too Sexy.”  That would just be awkward and … sort of funny.  Sort of on par with “Baby Got Back”  These songs are awkward in real life, but at funerals ….

3.  The ring tone that I used to have for the funeral home was the Country Song, “Shh, It Happens.”  It never went off during a funeral, because obviously the funeral home wouldn’t call me if I was at a funeral, but if somebody else had that ring tone and it went off during a funeral … not cool.  In fact, any ringtone with a curse word … not cool at a funeral.

4.  The Star Trek theme song.  Twilight Zone theme.

5.  My wife recorded herself yelling, “Mom!  Mom!  Let me out!” in her mother’s cell phone and then set that as her mom’s cell phone ringtone.  Awkward in real life.  Extra awkward at a funeral.

Although, as a side note, I have heard of people getting buried with their cell phone.  So having a modified version of the “Let me out!” ring tone go off at a funeral from inside the dead guy’s casket … sort of morbid, but sort of funny and ingenious at the same time.

SO, THAT’S ABOUT IT FROM ME!  Let’s here from you! I only touched a couple genres … I pretty much missed the 60s, 70s and 90s, and didn’t touch hip-hop, rock or even Contemporary Christian.  Post your awkward ringtones at a funeral below!

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