A picture that falls of the wall for no apparent reason

A clock that stops

A clock that fails to chime or ring

A mirror that breaks while still on the wall

A cat that leave the home and will not re-enter it

An owl seen during the daytime

A dog that howls for no reason during the night

Source: The Witching Hour


In Scotland a white rose blooming in autumn is accounted as an omen of an early death.

When fruit and flowers appear on the same tree; if you should be so imprudent as to wash clothes on a Good Friday, you are said to “wash someone out of the family.”

If you chance to drop a mirror in which you have seen your own reflection, you have killed the reflection, hence you are doomed.

If you shiver it is said by the gossips that someone is walking over your grave.”

If you dream of nursing a baby and the baby cries, you will either die yourself or lose a near relative.

Source:  Sacred Texts


If dogs bark or a rooster crows unexpectedly near a sick room.

A turtle dove, or any bird flying into the house.

Breaking a needle before finishing a quilt.

Death noises: most commonly bells, unexpected tearing noises, rapping, knocking noises were said to be death bones rattling.

A clock striking thirteen times.

When a bedridden person picks at the bedcovers.

Source:  Ozark Pagan Mamma


What are some “death omens” you were taught?



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