When we embrace death, we embrace that part of humanity that we all share.  We all share in connection, we all share in mortality and we all share in grief.  Death, in separating us from loved ones, binds together those that remain in community and love.

It binds together the world in sorrow.  Despite our religious, ideological views; despite our political borders and national heritage; despite the color of our skin, our sexual identity; despite the fact that we our different in so many ways, in our language, in our financial status, all of us will die.  And all of us will experience the death of those we love.

If there’s a starting point in which we can find ways to tolerate and embrace one another in our differences, that starting point just might be death.

So, this video displays that.  You’re probably not Syrian.  You’re probably not Muslim.  But you, like the father in this video, you love.  And, like this father, if you thought your son had died from bombing only to find that he is indeed alive, you too would display everything you are in the fullness of your humanity.


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