The metanarrative that we’ve been fed

Is that it’s always bad when someone’s dead

That death is public enemy number one

And that there’s nothing good when life is done.


It’s true that death hurts me and you

And it’s true that death can be tragic too

It’s true that grief will never leave

And it’s never good to be bereaved.


But the idea that death is all bad is a lie

It’s hard to see but let me help you try;

When your eyes adjust at night you can find

That this is the time for the stars to shine.


We’re used to the day so it’s hard to see

But death’ darkness has its own kind of beauty

It’s not glamorous and it’s certainly not glorious

But caring for our dead is never ever worthless.


For in the dead we see our future and our past

We see very clearly that some things don’t last

It helps us remember what’s valuable and real

It helps us remember that love is our ideal.


Death is the friendly reminder that life is short

And it reminds us to only pursue things of import

And when our eyes see our own setting sun

If we lived with death in mind, we’ll hear “well done”

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