Glenturret Distillery claims to be the oldest distillery in Scotland, but that fact may not be their ultimate claim to fame … at least from my perspective.

Via wikipedia:

Towser, a long-haired tortoiseshell female, the resident feline pest control expert at Glenturret from 1963 till 1987 [25] was an officially recognised record breaker. Her record breaking victim count was estimated as 28,899[26] mice, which were laid out on the Still House floor each morning to be inspected by the stillman. The auditors for the Guinness book of records¬†observed Towser’s prowess over a number of days and her total kill count was estimated statistically. She was commemorated by a bronze statue at the visitor’s centre at Glenturret and her story was featured on Blue Peter. Her paw prints also decorate the label on a bottle of Fairlie’s light Highland Liqueur. [27] Her successors are Dylan and Brooke [28] who were chosen for their friendliness and photogenic looks rather than for their mousing skills.

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