The death was sudden

Tragic and violent

The metal tore against his flesh

Before it threw him.

“I cant! I CAN’T!!!” you yell

When they asked you to see

To identify

The one who had just hugged you

When he walked out the door for work.


Your cell rings

You think it’s him.

You prepare a table for two.

His ghost still lives with you.

His birthday ready with his favorite dish.

The news, the news, the news

You call him to talk it through

But he’s not there

So you stare

At his ghost

With tears floating down.


Years later

His clothes still folded

His things still standing

His ghost still lives.

You’ve made peace

And you talk about your complicated grief

Tell him about this and that

How you miss him

And wish him back.


“I’ve moved on” you say

But you can’t and you won’t.

Decades fly by.

You still wait for him at the door.

A haunted life

Of tears and strife

Living with his ghost

That beckons you to join.

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