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Ideas have consequences, but narratives shape our world. When it comes to death, our narratives are generally woven with denial, negativity, and anything that can distract us from our mortality.

I believe death harbors sacred spaces that enable us to find our true selves and true community. This narrative that there’s good in death, this story is the story of my book. And I’m excited to share a piece of that story with you today.

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you might have seen pieces of this story over the years. While most of my book is original, this story bears repeating because it captures a narrative about death that we so desperately need.

Enjoy this sneak-peek of my book  Love you all.

Click the picture below and it will take you to the free chapter:

On Why My Book Will Decompose If You Don’t Read It

I’m writing a book, which is why my blog, Facebook page and Twitter account has been in a state of hibernation for the past eight months. ¬†The second draft will be sent off to the editor in a week or two, at which point I’ll be a little more active on the interwebs.

One idea that I have is to make the book decompose. ¬†You know, because so many people buy books and the books simply sit on the shelf until they die and then their kids or even grandkids either donate the books to Goodwill or simply throw them away. ¬†I don’t want that to happen to my book.

In an effort to make sure you read it, it will come with an expiration date.  After the expiration date, you will either have to throw it out or it will start to look like the picture below.  Buyer beware.


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