You can’t believe everything on the internet.  And you definitely can’t believe everything on Craigslist, but this seems kinda-maybe-sorta real-ish.  Honestly, it does seem real.  I think.

Don’t stuff grandma in the freezer! 

By now you’ve probably heard about the Glen Burnie family that stored their 83-year-old grandmother’s dead body in a freezer:http://www.baltimoresun.com/news/maryland/anne-arundel/bal-md.ar.freezer15jul15,0,168200.story. It turns out that no law was broken. 

Yep, dumping a body is legal around here. Health care workers and other professionals are required to report deaths, but ordinary citizens are not. And, apparently, no state law prohibits the burial or storage of a body on private property. 

I’m a laid-off Baltimore-area homeowner. After ten months of unemployment, and the future looking even more grim, I’m willing to consider allowing my backyard to be used for body dumping. Call it private burial if you prefer. 

I could probably take a half-dozen bodies without arousing the attention of neighbors. It wouldn’t hurt to have one under the garden too. 

Me: A discreet Baltimore County homeowner with a half-acre of easily tillable property on a quiet dead-end street. 

You: An individual (not a health care worker or other professional required to report a death!) with the awkward inconvenience of disposing of a deceased relative, friend, colleague or acquaintance. 

You must provide your own trash bags, tarp, quicklime, shovel, etc. I might be available to hold a flashlight, but I won’t do any heavy lifting. 

Accidental deaths or natural causes only. I’m not going to get involved in any shenanigans with Omar wannabes. I will not be a participant in, or an accessory to, any sort of crime. 

This is a limited time offer! Act now before the state legislature changes the law! If and when the law changes (measures failed 10 years ago, after the 1999 incident), you’ll be grandfathered, literally and figuratively. 

Price is negotiable. Serious inquiries only. 

For more info: http://welcometobaltimorehon.com/?p=338 

Here’s a screenshot of the original ad:



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