Here are three ways you can go out with a bang


One.  Angel Aire.

Okay, this one isn’t really a “bang” per se, but it is kind of cool and fireworkish.  This from Tumblr user Malformalady:

Scattering ashes after cremation with the Angel Aire. Angel Aire is the only product of its kind intended to accomplish a scattering service in a clean and controlled event. Ashes are loaded into an Angel Aire urn, and with a pull of the release knob, projected upwards like an ascending cloud. The result is a fine cloud of ashes that rapidly rises into the air, an elegant symbol that represents the immortal soul ascending into the heavens.


Two:  The Firework

This from “Heaven’s Above Fireworks”:

Heavens Above Fireworks celebrates the life of a partner, relative or friend.

We arrange special fireworks displays which include a number of unique fireworks designed or modified to incorporate cremation ashes, allowing for a spectacular memorial event and happier farewell.

We offer a variety of professional fired displays. These are planned to meet specific client requests and can be supported by other activities. We also offer other services including rockets for self firing incorporating funeral ashes and these can be supported by other fireworks to create your ownmini display and we can provide the service for pets ashes too.


Three:  The Space Rocket

Again from Celestis

(We) offer four spaceflight memorial options that place a symbolic portion of cremated ashes (cremains) in space, either into Earth orbit, Lunar surface or even into deep space. They utilize true space rockets. All their services include a performance assurance guarantee.

These services are ideally suited to astronomers, those fascinated by space, Star Trek fans and for anyone who had an ambition to travel in a real space rocket.

Join us at our launch events, and help bring the dream of spaceflight to reality by including a portion of your loved one’s ashes aboard our next satellite. About Us…


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