Some of these photos may be disturbing.  All of these photos have been sourced either from the internet.

1.  This is a needle injector, which is effectively used for mouth closure.  We use this to set the features before we embalm.  Once the mouth and eyes are closed (see number 2), then we can think about starting arterial embalming.  1

The needles are the shiny silver things attached to the shiny gold things (we only use two at a time):


One needle is anchored into the maxilla and another needle is anchored into the mandible.  The wires that are attached to the needles are then twisted together until the mouth is “cranked” shut.

2.  These round spiked spheres are called “eye caps”.  They are placed under the eye lids and essentially grab the eyelids and hold them in place, keeping the eyes closed.

You can also use these as very small Frisbees.


3.  These are examples of the scalpels that we use for embalming.  They are sharp.



Many embalmers use the right carotid artery for embalming and the jugular vein for drainage of the blood.  We use the scalpel to cut the neck and find said artery and vein.

The scalpels can also be used to cut other things, like steak and pork.  But, it’s probably not good to use a used embalming scalpel on your steak.  That’s an amateur move.

4.  This is an Aneurysm hook.  


We use this little guy to raise the artery and the vein out of the neck.  

5.  The arterial tube gets slipped into the incised artery.


6.  Embalming Machine (Drum roll please)

8That black rubber tube gets placed onto the arterial tube and the embalming fluid is pumped into the arterial system.

You can also use embalming machines for various other interests.  Like a fish tank / plant holder.  Or a punch bowl.



7.  The drainage tube is slid into the jugular vein.  When the embalming machine forces the embalming fluid into the arterial system, that fluid forces the blood out via the veins and the drainage tube.




8.  Arterial embalming only reaches the parts of the body that are connected to the arterial system.  The intestines, stomach, lungs, etc. are left relatively untouched. We then remove all the content of the stomach, lungs, etc. through a long needle like suction thingy called a “trocar”.



9.  After the stomach, lungs, etc have been cleaned out, we then inject cavity fluid.  After that has been done, we screw in a trocar button in the hole left by the trocar.


10.  Finally, during this whole process, we use gloves.   I prefer my latex gloves in the “Fierce Beige” color because it matches my personality.

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