At 6:30 AM Friday morning the funeral home doors opened.  This was the situation at 6:15.

This book sold out within the first hour:

Our “Two Funerals for the Price of One” was awarded to the first 15 customers in the arrangement room.  Edna, Mary, Shirley, Evelyn and Ruth wait patiently to cash in on this special sale.

A melee broke out over our limited number of 80% off Funeral Director Lego set.  Unfortunately, one of the participants involved in the melee passed away; fortunately, they passed away at a funeral home.

The highlight of the morning came at 10 AM when Tim Cook explained the advantages of the New RiPod over the RiPod 2.


As their wives wait in anticipation, Joe Schilling and Tom Johnson fought over a half-price casket:

The Barbie play set was sold out in 10 minutes.

In our “Used” section, customers took full advantage of our products, such as the one pictured below:


Finally, Adam Sweaty camped out in front of the funeral home for five days to be the first in line for this beautiful discounted Ford Mustang Hearse.

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