A scene from the  Tri-State Crematory

A scene from the Tri-State Crematory

We’ve screwed up.

Committed sacrilege.

Tri- State crematory. 

334 uncremated bodies left to the elements and the animals making us look like monsters.

Two mummified babies found in the ceiling tiles of a funeral home.

Jessica Mitford.

The FTC. The Funeral Rule.

The price gouging. The emotional exploitation.

“I’m sorry” isn’t enough.

Even we can’t bury these dead bones.

One bad apple … but it hasn’t been just one.

A corporate guilt we must all eat.

I’ve been honest.  Most of us have been honest.

Compassionate to a fault.

Honorable. Transparent.

But the guilt is stitched on our chest like Hester Prynne.

We cover the letter with suits and ties

and fear and over-blown self-importance and self loathing and defensiveness.

“I’m sorry” isn’t enough.

When we earn your trust.

When we treat you fair.

When we act with compassion

When you see us, not as funeral directors

but as family.

Our service offers hope for redemption.

because “I’m sorry” isn’t enough.


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