I recently stumbled upon a clay crafter named Sherri Evans.  Sherri is a funeral director and embalmer with a fantastic ability to custom craft clay into anything. Here’s some of her work:


She even does personalized faces.  You can send her a photo and she’ll make you into clay.


Aren’t these little fluid pumpers the cutest things you’ve ever seen?

You got your miniature Duotronic with embalming fluid and without it.  AND, you got your embalming table:




The Porti-Boy:



I absolutely love highlighting the gifts and creative endeavors of funeral directors.

If you want to buy some of Sherri’s work, you can contact her at her Etsy site.  The embalming machines are by special order only, so you can contact her through Etsy or via her personal Facebook page.  Because Christmas is coming and we all need a little most cuteness in our lives.

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