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I'm a sixth generation funeral director. I have a grad degree in Missional Theology and a Certification in Thanatology.

And I like to read and write.

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Postponing Death

Supposedly this guy in Iraq was driving to a Mosque to pray when he found himself in the middle of a gun fight.  His car was rained with bullets and he ended up with a bullet stuck in his head.

So, right now the Internet thinks these photos are actually real.  But, the internet could change it’s mind in the next couple days.

The conclusion — from the people in the know — is that (1) the bullet ricocheted before it hit this man’s skull, or (2) there was a malfunction in the gun or (3) space aliens slowed it down before it hit him (joke) or (4) his taqiyah is made out of specialized Kevlar (also a joke) or (5) someone threw it at him REALLY hard (maybe a joke?).

The basic idea is that nobody could survive a direct head shot from this bullet without some type of odd, intervening circumstance.





 Here’s the link to the original article.

Man Buried Alive: Utter Cat-astrophe.


Dying man renews his wedding vows on 72nd anniversary

Via The Daily Mail:

With just days left to live Vernon McAlister made his dying wish come true by renewing his wedding vows with Sue, his wife of 72 years.

Mr and Mrs McAlister took part in the ceremony at Hospice of the Upstate in Anderson County, South Carolina, USA, reports

After having a dream that his wife wanted to marry him again, Mr McAlister asked the nurses to help him stay alive a few more days so they could celebrate their 72nd anniversary together.

‘He has loved me and respected me and cherished me the way he said he would when I was just a young girl and he was just a young man.

‘There is nothing to be nervous about when you are walking toward the person you love with your whole heart.’

Mr McAlister is a retired agronomist and the couple have five children together.

Their sons Tony, Phil, Van and Don McAlister and daughter Anita Floyd were all present at the ceremony.

‘They are a testament to love,’ said Floyd.

The ceremony was conducted by family friend Bill French who told the couple they were an example to the world.

‘When you took those vows all those years ago no one could have known how long that walk together would be,’ said Mr French.

‘You have fulfilled your promise and God is smiling.’






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